The Security 5K | Run or Walk and Help Save Lives


Exhibitor Award:

The Exhibitor Award will be awarded to the Exhibitor that raises the most funds (registration fees are not included in this total).

2019 Winner: Brink’s Home Security

2018 Winner: Brinks Home Security

Fastest Team Award:

The Fastest Team Award is awarded to the team with the best combined times from their five fastest runners.

2019 Winner:

2018 Winner:

Top Fundraiser Award:

The Top Fundraiser Award will be awarded to the individual who raises the most funds. The award winner will also be gifted 2 spots on the next Security Service Trip!

2019 Winner: Ronnie Pennington, Altronix

2018 Winner: Jeff Gardner from Brinks Home Security


Corporate Social Responsibility Award:

The Mission 500 Corporate Social Responsibility Award is designed to honor companies in the Security Industry who make important contributions to those in need.

2019 Winner: Brinks Home Security

Humanitarian Award:

Mission 500 also presents an annual “Humanitarian Award”, designed to honor individuals in the security industry who make important contributions to those in need.

2019 Winner: Dave Foglio, First Response Security

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"Another incredible race! Great work organizing the event, and most importantly a significant thank you for bringing together a group of people in the security industry to make a difference in this world, while enjoying team camaraderie and an active lifestyle." Elizabeth Cohen, Anixter
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